Our Mission


JTFA aims to facilitate cross-regional information sharing, peer learning and alliance building among different stakeholders in Asian countries. The aim is to develop a broad-based network of progressive players – such as trade unions, academia, CSOs, the private sector, think tanks, decision-makers, youth, and gender experts/ feminist activists – to explore and envision national, sectoral and regional energy pathways, which challenge dominant development narratives, such as pro-fossil fuel positions. The forum will also explore how the principle of Just Transition can be applied to sectors other than energy.

JTFA will create an opportunity to deepen debates by learning from scientists, practitioners and communities’ own experiences. It also aims to facilitate the formation of broad transformative alliances by bringing different stakeholders together and transforming national and sectoral silos.
As a recurring annual regional flagship event, JTFA aims to:

  • Contribute to the discourse and agenda setting on Just (Energy) Transition in Asia by enhancing the understanding of the different meanings of and approaches to Just Transition in different contexts
  • Formulate recommendations on how the Just Transition approach can be applied in policy and practice to promote a social-ecological transformation (SET) to low-carbon development in the region
  • Share knowledge and experience on Just Transition from the energy sector in particular and other relevant sectors in general
  • Draw lessons on existing best practices in the region
  • Create networks for future research and activities.


We invite everyone interested to a cross-sectoral collaboration on Just Transition in Asia. We aim to create an opportunity to deepen political debates, learn from scientists, practitioners, and communities’ real-world experiences and kickstart the formation of broad transformative alliances by bringing different stakeholders together and breaking up national and sectoral silos through thought-provoking plenary discussions and interactive transformation labs.

Join us in creating networks for further multi-sectoral research and initiatives!

Our Contributors